Most of the times, the workers would always follow their superior and hence it is your responsibility to wear the dress code that is recommended for the work location you are working in. You should and must have the complete equipment with you like the eye glasses while working with the welding machines. Similarly you should wear the gloves for the hands if you are asked to do so. How about wearing the boots on the legs when you are working in the work area that demands you to do so.

All these precautions when taken by you, you would be safe and on top of that by following the rules that are set for the safety of the employees when followed by you, you would be seen as an example by the workers working in the field. Hence, it is recommended that you use the best work boots today in the work location so that the workers would not find a reason to not wearing the boots to the work place.
Along with wearing the boots you should also let them understand the benefits of wearing them so that they do not assume that you are wearing the boots just for the style.

When they presume that you are wearing the boots for style they would also interpret that wearing boots in the work place would be of no use. Hence, though you are person to set a trend in the dress code outside in your friend’s circle, it is important that you follow the rules in the work location and wear the best boots to the work location. These boots would save your life and hence you should not bother about the image that you want to carry or depict by your dress code.